Brilliant Business Writing:
How to inspire, engage and persuade through words

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A little from Brilliant Business Writing

I’ve been writing for ten years. And I’ve spent almost as much time training other people how to do it. I’ve worked with different sorts of organisations, different levels of people with different educations, and different industries, all writing different types of writing.

What’s interesting is that their strengths and weaknesses are pretty similar. One day not long ago, I ran a training session in the morning at BBC Radio 1, training the people who write the website for DJs like Chris Moyles. Then, in the afternoon I was at the revered auction house Sotheby’s, helping them write proposals. Now, even though these places are about five minutes’ walk away from each other in London’s West End, in spirit they’re a million miles away. At Radio 1: trainers, jeans, artfully gelled hair and studied cool. At Sotheby’s: wood panelling and nicely cut grey suits (it was a difficult day to dress for, let me tell you). Yet when we talked about what they liked and disliked in business writing, they said nigh-on exactly the same things. Almost word for word. Which says that when it comes to this subject, and whoever you’re writing for, there are some universal truths. Things that you can add to your writing, and things you can cut out of the way you do it at the moment, which will bring your writing to life.

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