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Your score is 121.2

Your sentences must be very choppy. Are you cheating?

And if you're wanting a little more detail your Gunning FOG score is 0.4, and your SMOG score is 1.8

Here's what you tested

How does that compare (roughly)?

Have a look at our handy table to see how you fare against other types of writing.



Reading age

Which is like

4 100+ 9 to 10 This sign
5 90 10 to 11 Most comic books
6 80 11 to 12 Harry Potter
7 70 12 to 13 Large chunks of The Writer's website
8 65 13 to 14 Many of Obama's speeches
9 60 14 to 15 BBC news website
10 50 Start of college (high school) The Financial Times
11 40 End of college Most of William Shakespeare
12 30 University Harvard Law Review


How to improve your score

To make your writing more readable: keep your words and your sentences nice and short, use a conversational tone and write in the active voice. If you stick to a single idea per sentence and write more like you speak, you’ll naturally get a higher score.