The top eight reasons people call us

1. The writing across our business is all over the place

Can you help us create and roll out a consistent brand language?

2. We’ve got a massive amount of writing to do

Can you help us make it manageable?

3. Our people don’t think they can write

Can you help them be more confident when putting pen to paper?

4. We know stories are important, but we don’t know how to tell ours

Can you help us manage everyone’s opinions, and celebrate who we are?

5. Our customer service isn’t making people happy

Can language help us get more people in, improve our day-to-day service and help our complaint-handling win us fans?

6. We’re not great at finding and using our juiciest thinking

Can you help us sniff out and use our content?

7. Our product names are tangled

Can you help us unravel them so they make sense?

8. Our bids and proposals are just like the rest

Can you help us say what we think, mean what we say, and be poised for when the next opportunity comes along?

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