Business development manager (US)

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Full-time in New York City

We’re looking for a business development manager to join our small, but mighty New York team.

You’ll develop and carry out our new business and marketing strategy and show the world’s biggest brands how words can solve their challenges. You’ll work as a strategic partner to make their big ideas practical, help our team deliver great service, and maintain and grow relationships with prospects.

And you’ll work closely with our teams in New York and London to make it happen.

What kind of person are you?

Like all of us at The Writer, you’re eager to learn the best way to help the biggest brands in the world communicate clearly, and change the corporate world for the better.

You’re a closer. You’re at your best when you’re helping prospective clients find solutions to their problems. And you know just the right way to create a pitch or proposal that resonates with their needs.

You’re a strategist. You can find your way around a big organization and spot where the opportunities are and who we need to know to get them. You’re able to create a plan of action and see it through.

You know people. You know what gets a prospective client’s attention and what makes them tick. And whether it’s a CMO or your co-worker, you can carry an easy rapport. You’re not afraid of a room full of executives or the idea of a difficult conversation. And you handle it all with aplomb and diplomacy.

You’re curious. People say you ask good questions. And you spend just as much time listening for the answer. You can read the room and spot when someone has a question before they ask. You’re the type that doesn’t just know the client; you know their industry and the challenges (and opportunities) that come with it.

We’re growing fast, so we’ll need you to adapt quickly to new projects and clients as they come rushing in, and help out when they inevitably change at the last minute. You’ll report to our Managing Director.

What will you be doing?

Sound like you?

If so, you need to head to our application page, and send us three things:  your resume, 300 words explaining why you're the right person for us, and two references that we can talk to. (You'll need the files handy when you click the link.)