Junior Creative Consultant (New York)

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From helping brands define their tone of voice, to naming things, to training people to write at their best, to writing all sorts of things like websites, blogs, packaging, chatbot scripts, and everything in between—you’ll develop the skills and experience to become a star brand language consultant and writer.

What kind of person are you?

You’re a naturally talented writer. You know how to construct effective sentences and stories, and appreciate how using different stylistic techniques can affect your tone. You’re interested in words and communication, and will happily debate things like rhythm, sentence structure, and the merits of the Oxford comma.

You’re eager to learn. You’re excited by the idea of using your words to build and strengthen brands, and are keen to learn the tricks of the trade. You’re ready to try different kinds of projects and develop your skills, and you welcome feedback that will help you grow.

You’re creative, with a sharp eye for detail. You’re at your happiest coming up with ideas—and with us, that might be for a story angle, a voice hook, a strong headline, or a training activity. But you know the details matter too. You’re quick to spot a typo, a misplaced apostrophe, a questionable fact, or a sentence that doesn’t quite add up.

You’re a recent graduate with a BA in an area related to writing, like literature, english, advertising, or creative writing.

Sound like you?

If so, click here and send us three things: your resume, 300 words on why you’re the perfect person for the job, and two references we can talk to. (You'll need those handy when you click the link.)