Project Coordinator (New York)

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You’ll work as the glue that holds the project management, sales, and creative teams together and help to deliver great service and maintain and grow relationships with prospectives and existing clients. You’ll also carry out some of your own project plans and timelines to show the world’s biggest brands how words can solve their challenges.

What kind of person are you?

Like all of us at The Writer, you’re eager to learn the best way to help the biggest brands in the world communicate clearly, and change the corporate world for the better.

You’re left and right brained. You can find your way around both a data laden excel doc and a wordy creative brief. You’re able to create and follow a plan of action and see it through because you can switch between both of these two worlds. Both a lefty and righty, you’re ready to pick up the numbers and the pen.

You’re a thinker and a doer. You’re at your best when you’re helping the team and clients find solutions to problems. But you’re more than a doer, you’re also a critical thinker. From booking a room for meetings, sorting files for the creative team, or decoding an opaque client email –you’re game for any task. But because you know each step small or big leads to the success for the project and the team, you think and then do.

You know people. You know what gets the teams fired up, and what can also make the client tick. And you know just the right way to keep people to pace while having them enjoy the process at the same time.  You’re brilliant at writing and people like picking up the phone to speak to you or look forward to an email to you. And whether it’s the CMO or your co-worker, you can communicate with just about anyone.

You’re curious. People say you ask good questions. And you spend just as much time listening for the answer. You do your homework; you know what’s happening in the market and you understand the challenges your clients are facing. You can read the room and spot when someone has a question before they ask.

We’re growing fast, so we’ll need you to adapt quickly to new projects and clients as they come rushing in, and help out when they inevitably change at the last minute. You’ll report to our Project Director.

What will you be doing?

Sound like you?

If so, apply here. You’ll need to send us three things: your CV, a one-liner telling us where you saw this ad, and 300 words explaining why you’re the right person for us. (NOTE: For each document you're attaching, you'll need to hit the 'upload' button before finishing your application).