Senior Creative Consultant (New York)

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What kind of person are you?

You have that rare mix of writing magic and consulting smarts, and at least three years working in a verbal identity role. This means you are:

*         a talented writer, able to switch between different brands’ voices with ease

*         allergic to brand speak and corporate jargon

*         just as happy writing about banking and technology as you are writing about beer and body wash

*         confident dealing with senior clients face to face, and working with them to really understand their issues

*         very comfortable running workshops and commanding the attention of a room full of clients

*         a confident, persuasive, and entertaining speaker and facilitator

*         pumped about the power of language, and able spark that energy in others

*         a keeper of quality – able to consistently deliver to high standards, and uphold them

*         confident critiquing other people’s work and helping them fix it (but not fixing it for them)

*         able to juggle lots of different projects and hit all the deadlines on the way

What will you be doing?

You’ll be the lead creative on projects where the thinking is as important as a way with words – including everything from defining the voice of a household brand, to teaching tech-heads how to write so everyone understands what they mean.

In particular, you will:

Write, across the board

*         Write anything and everything, from brand positioning statements to opinion pieces on hot topics senior leaders care about

*         Take briefs from clients, asking insightful questions to understand the issues they face

*         Interview clients and experts to get the information we need

*         Present work confidently to clients up to the most senior levels

*         Oversee and coach other writers, making sure they hit the brief, write in the client’s tone, and push themselves creatively

*         Take the lead on big rewrite projects, briefing writers, checking their quality, and making sure the whole process is as effective as possible

Work on tone of voice and other consultancy jobs

*         Do audits of clients’ and their competitors’ writing, spotting and analysing themes and pulling that thinking together in thought-provoking presentations

*         Design and run input sessions for tone of voice and messaging projects

*         Come up with big ideas that are creative, strategic, and practical all rolled into one, and communicate those ideas clearly in inspiring presentations and guidelines

*         Present and sell our thinking to clients up to C-suite level

*         Oversee other consultants, pushing them to get to the best possible work

*         Work on naming projects, if we find you have a knack for it

Take the lead on training

In this role, training will be your baby. With guidance from our Creative Director and our global  Head of Training, you will:

*         Design a range of writing training workshops to teach clients how to write well in different business situations

*         Write training materials like invitations, handouts, and takeaways

*         Run our full range of workshops, from general writing help and writing in a client’s tone of voice, to more specific training like writing for digital

*         Review and refresh our training techniques and materials as needed

Manage and coach people

*         Coach and manage other consultants, to develop their skills and help them grow their careers

Sound like you?

Apply here, and send us three things: your resume, 300 words explaining why you're the right person for us, and two references that we can talk to.What kind of person are you?