Debenhams wake up and smell the frothy coffee

It’s all over. That’s it. Someone’s broken ranks.

From now on, when you pop into Debenhams for a coffee, you won’t be able to order a venti skinny latte. They’ve done some research and found that 70 per cent of people get confused by the Euromerican terminology that every other highstreet chain has plumped for. So they’re changing things.

Instead of an Americano, latte, mocha, espresso or cappuccino, you can get a simple coffee (black or white), a really milky coffee, a chocolate-flavoured coffee, a strong shot of coffee or a frothy coffee. And for venti and grande, read cup and mug sizes.

It sounds simple; change things back to straightforward English. But it takes balls to buck the trend – especially when that trend is followed by everyone else. And it should pay off for them, simply because the more people understand what you're selling, the more likely they are to buy.

0 min read, posted in Writing tips, by Admin, on 31 Oct 2012

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