New York. Boston. Portland. San Francisco. San Jose.

We’ve had a fairly tremendous workshop itinerary for the last few weeks. And on our travels, our American clients have introduced us with a word most of us Brits never use in the same way: group. As in: ‘These guys are from a group named The Writer.’

What would we say? Company, probably. That’s what we use when we introduce ourselves. Agency, maybe. But not group. I mean, we’re not U2 (thank God). Although our Nat plays a pretty mean violin.

So what is this ‘group’ thing about?

The best hypothesis I’ve come up with is that it’s a kind of collegiate thing. A deliberate blurring of the boundaries between who’s internal and who’s a ‘vendor’ (eurgh). After all, workshop participants could be from ‘a group named The Writer’, or ‘a group based in Portland called sales enablement’, so the same word puts everyone on the same level.

But I’m guessing. So, to our American cousins: what’s going on?

0 min read, posted in Training, by Admin, on 25 Oct 2012

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