Gym'll fix it

People keep sending us pictures of this ad. It's for a low-cost gym chain called Fit4less.

Is it good or is it awful?

On the one hand, it's straightforward – you get the message loud and clear.

On the flipside, it's insulting – and there's a pretty big chance it puts you off.

But at the very least, you can't ignore it – it's engaging and guaranteed to provoke an emotional response. And you know what to expect when you walk into their gyms – no frills and not a lot of sympathy. Nick in the office has called them the Ryanair of gyms, which seems about right. And is that really such a bad thing? Ryanair do okay for themselves, don't they? What do you think? How does the ad make you feel?

0 min read, posted in Tone of voice, by Admin, on 1 Nov 2011

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