Twizzle Chizzle*

The results of today’s rather popular #litrapnames challenge are in. And they’re as funny as Fiddy is ineloquent on Twitter. (He’s pretty eloquent elsewhere.)


Little Red Riding In Da Hood

Biggie Bad Wolf



Tinie Timdah

Lil' Tiny Tim

Merc U-Tio

AZ Lan

Wiley Wonka

Jay-Z Gatsby

Martin Fo'shizzle-wit

Notorious T.O.A.D

Notorious BFG

Da Joy Luck Clubz

Wind Willows Clan


Mac-10 Beth

MC Beth

Bertie Woo-star

Grand Wizzard Gandalf

LudaChristine Daaé

Grandmaster Flashman

Sherlock Homie and Dr Wat'sup

Long Island John Silva

Mr Dar-C


Shy-Lox and Porsche

Tim-E the dog

The Fresh Prince (Hamlet)

Ham Leezy

Flau (bert) Rider


E. Eminem Forster

Virginia da Woolf

Albert Camulio

Holdup Caulfield

Missy Elliot


Norwegian Hood

Of Mice and Eminem

The Kite Stunna

The Furious Famous Five

The Jungle Book Brothers

Snoop Doggs of War

Lil' Women

L'il Dorrit

Oliver Twizzle

Jane Eyre-Max

Fantastic Mr Freddie Foxx

Spot The Dawg

*That’s Twitter Challenge, for the unrapducated among you.

0 min read, posted in Culture, by Admin, on 14 Mar 2011

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