Valentine's date acceptance form

Dearest [name],

I would like to enquire as to your availability on 14.02.12, on which date I propose we engage in some form of evening entertainment, such as [tea and cakes/a rave/twitching].

The aforementioned entertainment would ideally take place in a venue adequately proximous to both of our abodes.

If you aim to add an overnight extension to the festivities, I would be happy to settle upon a location considerably nearer to one of our abodes than the other. To this point, I should add that I own a [bearskin rug/hot chocolate machine/Tempur mattress], though I do not want this to affect your decision.

Please indicate your acquiescence to the above request by filling in the below form and returning it to me in the stamped and addressed envelope.

Yours expectantly,

[Name] --------------------- I, [Firstname Surname], agree to attend [insert entertainment] with [Firstname Surname] on 14.02.12.

I hereby agree to Have A Good Time and, if the evening warrants it, to indicate said enjoyment by way of engaging in [insert sexual act].

Date offer subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply. (At least until the alcohol starts flowing.)

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