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Tech and Telcos

There’s no such thing as boring content.

Just boring ways to talk about it.

Reports that no one reads. Presentations that put people to sleep. Numbers that don’t add up for audiences.

These writerly woes are particularly prevalent in the worlds of tech and telcos. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our virtual academy sessions will refresh how you think about numbers and data. Help you put the kibosh on clichéd corporate language. And give you the tools you need to make complex content click for your audiences.

Even if you have trouble explaining what you do at a cocktail party.

Four sessions with tech and telcos in mind:


Numbers are Stories Too

Stats are static. But stories stick. Learn how to talk about numbers and data in a way that makes an impact for any audience.


Mountains into Molehills

Ah, reports. Hard to write, and all too often hard to read. We can help, with practical tips on structure, language, and content.


Happily Ever After

Maybe you’re launching a new product. Trying to make an abstract service come to life for customers. Or wishing that someone would actually read your long-form writing. Storytelling can make the difference. Learn how to take readers on a journey to the place you want them to go.


The Writer’s Secrets

Steal our top tips for better writing across the board. It’s a strong foundation for anyone who works with words.

Four sessions with tech and telcos in mind:


of people said their reports had improved.


now find they can write reports faster.

The Writer Training video
The best day at work I’ve had in 10 years. We’re bereaved it’s our second to last session. A trainee, WorleyParsons
We couldn’t believe how much was covered in 45 minutes. We don’t want to wait two weeks for the next session. Virtual trainee, Communications manager, Cisco

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