TOL language and mental health

Recording 23 Jun 2022 – 1:30 am, GMT+1

Thinking out loud: language’s link to mental health.

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Nikki Allen
Integrative counsellor
Katie Square 220 220
Associate creative director

If you work for a company that looks after employees’ wellbeing, thinking about mental health can – and should – impact your language. 

But the connection works the other way around, too: language, especially writing, can impact people’s mental health – for the better. 

In our latest Thinking Out Loud episode, we'll be talking about the impact of inclusive language at work on mental health and wellbeing. We'll cover ways to normalise and manage conversations about mental health, and the importance of watching out for hyperbolic words and phrases in the office.

We’ll be talking to Nikki Allen, BACP-registered integrative therapist, writer and brand language expert, on mental health-related language pitfalls, as well as ways to use writing for wellbeing. 

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