Tone of voice

Tone of voice: showing your brand through your words

No one likes listening to tone-deaf singers. And the same can be said about listening to tone-deaf businesses. Put simply, without a tone of voice you’re not cutting through the noise.

And that’s why we’ve helped some of the world’s biggest brands make their words stand out. But just as importantly, we’ve helped them make their tones of voice stick.

Find your ‘why’

Before we define how you sound, you need to be clear why your brand exists. What’s your story? Your personality?

We run workshops to tease that out of your heads.

Create your tone of voice

Once we have an idea of who you are, your audience and how you want to sound. We put together the tools to spread it around. We’ll create guidelines, checklists, comic books, intranet pages – whatever feels right for your brand to communicate your new tone of voice to the entire company. From your HR department to marketing.

Write and re-write content

Maybe you already have a tone of voice but need content re-written. Or you need materials written in your new tone of voice we’ve just created. Letters. Speeches. Blogs. Signs. Webpages. Whatever the need, we have our own creative writers – and a huge network of freelancers – to write (and re-write) content in your tone of voice.

Train you to use it yourselves

A set of guidelines – even the best set of guidelines in the world – won’t cut it on their own. To end up with a really distinctive tone of voice, you’ve got to make sure all kinds of different people in your organisation get it, know how to use it and keep using it for years to come. So we design tone of voice programmes to make that happen.

Make it stick

We make sure you’ve got the right people involved from the start: sussing out how to measure if it’s a success, coming up with practical recommendations, and weaving our way into every channel and department.