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This is The Writer’s style guide. We’ve put it online for all those people who’ve ever wondered whether to use single or double quotes in their writing. If cooperate should have a hyphen in it. Per cent or %. So if these are the kind of things keeping you up at night (or even if they aren’t), this guide is for you.

Because our HQ is in London, the style guide is in British English. But as our New York team use American English (obvs), occasionally their house style is different. So we’ve pointed out these differences in here too. 

So when do I use it?

If you’re from The Writer...
Then you should use the guide for anything that’s going out with The Writer’s name on it. Proposals, presentations, even emails. It means that all our writing will now not only be lovely, but consistently lovely. (If you’re writing for a client, remember to use theirs – if they have one.)

If you’re from somewhere else...
You should probably check that you don’t already have your own style guide. (Here are some thoughts on why you might want to do this.)

Sure you haven’t? Then feel free to use ours. Or get in touch and we can make you one.

What else is there?

You also get a handy list of keyboard shortcuts (find out what the F keys do! Never struggle with the Euro symbol again!), a small essay on Brit vs American spelling and a guide to the editors’ squiggly marks. What more could you ask for?

Aw. What I’m looking for isn’t here…

The Writer’s house style guide is supposed to be useful for everyone, so if there’s anything you’d like to see added or need help with, email Kate.

I’m not putting a hyphen there.

If there’s something you don’t agree with, get in touch. And be ready for a ruckus.