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There’s a readability checker right here on our website. It’ll tell you how easy your writing is to read, and show you how it compares to some famous books and authors.

The test checks your writing against the Flesch-Kincaid reading ease score, the Gunning Fog score and the SMOG index (‘Simple Measure of Gobbledygook’). There’s more about how these work, and what they do (and don’t do) with the checker.

If you can’t get to our site, Word also has the Flesch-Kincaid test built in. To test your writing in Word, go to ‘Word Options’ at the bottom-right of the main menu link, and then click ‘Proofing’. Under the ‘When correcting grammar and spelling in Word’ section, make sure the ‘Show readability statistics’ is ticked (by default it isn’t).

Then the next time you use the spelling and grammar checker, your Flesch-Kincaid score will come up too.