Who we are

40-odd people on a mission to rescue the corporate world from the tyranny of linguistic mediocrity. We’ve been in London for more than ten years, and now we’ve set up home in New York, New York. And this year, we’ve done work on six continents.

Our team have escaped from all kinds of other disciplines – brand consultancy, journalism, advertising and even professional services – to focus on language, because it’s the thing we all care about most. Yet most writers have to hide in other jobs until they finally suss out what it is they’re really good at. So we also run workshops to show apprentices and graduates that writing’s not just a skill, it’s a career.

And, as you’d expect, we’re proudly polyglot. In our gang we have native speakers of English, Greek, Dutch, Afrikaans and Cantonese.

The cast (in order of appearance)

Holding our favourite words, in case you were wondering