Especially for you

On screen and in person, we’ve trained hundreds of thousands of people around the world.  

We run workshops on all types of writing: reports, social media, proposals, responses to complaints, customer emails, internal comms. And all sorts of topics: CX, crisis comms, storytelling... 
The result: more effective writing across the board.   

Virtual training is having its day 

We’ve been training virtually for years. And here’s what we know. Virtual training has to be: 

  • Interactive. Listening alone won’t give people the skills they need. 
  • Interesting. We’re competing against all the distractions opening up a laptop brings.  
  • Useful. We pack the sessions with practical tips and tricks.  

You can read more about our take on training, how we build curriculums and support the learning, so it sticks.  

If you're interested in talkling training, get in touch.