Especially for you

We’ve done everything from one-to-one coaching to giant events for hundreds of people (we’re usually the fun bit to wake people up after lunch).

You can get whatever kind of training you’re after: one-off workshops, a big project rollout, or getting our Academy Workshops into your L&D plans. Most of our work happens in half-day or day-long chunks, for eight to twelve people. We nearly always get people to bring along a bit of their own writing to work on, and use examples from their team or company, to make their writing really relevant to everyday working life. 

So get in touch and tell us:

  • Who do you want to train?
  • What benefit will you get from improving their writing?
  • How long do you want to spend?

You can also see us in action at a few events if you’d like a sense of our (ahem) style.