Tailored Workshops

Detangle your language dilemmas.

You might have a niggle of problem, like readers losing the will because your writing has lost its way. Or maybe there’s a bigger challenge that’s keeping you up at night. Like getting a global team of thousands onboard with a tone of voice. Nothing that a smart training strategy can’t solve.

Tailored for you




You tell us what’s going on. We ask the questions that get to the root of the problem. Then we’ll create a tailored curriculum package that will make your teams’ words sing. People remember more when you space learning out, so we’ll include a timetable.



We know passive learning is fun for no one, so prepare for interaction, penny-drop moments and stealing tricks from the worlds of journalism, politics, art, pop music even. We recommend face-to-face training where possible, to maximise the learning experience.



From the start of a project, we’ll help you define your measures of success. Could be NPS, CSAT, ROI, employee retention, time saved, money made... the words you use are worth more than you might think. We’ll measure the impact of the work we do together, and report back.



With every curriculum, comes a host of ways to keep the lessons living on. Like snack-sized booster sessions, takeaways and coaching. We’ll keep the conversation going on how we can continue to support you.

Want an off the shelf programme?

If tried and tested training that’s good to go is more your thing then you might be interested in our Writer Academy.

Learn more about it here.