Tailored Workshops

Detangle your language dilemmas.

You might have a niggle of problem, like readers losing the will because your writing has lost its way. Or maybe there’s a bigger challenge that’s keeping you up at night. Like getting a global team of thousands onboard with a tone of voice. Nothing that a smart training strategy can’t solve.

Bespoke for you




You tell us what’s going on. We ask the questions that get to the root of the problem. Then we’ll come up with the training programme or shot of learning your teams need.



We know passive learning is fun for no one, so prepare for interaction, penny-drop moments and stealing tricks from the worlds of journalism, politics, art, pop music even.



From the start of a project, we’ll help you define your measures of success, and then – you've guessed it – we’ll measure and report back.



With every workshop, comes a host of ways to keep the lessons living on. Like breaktime-shaped booster sessions, takeaways and coaching.