Write with strategy. Not strategy-speak.

Your language is the main way you connect with customers, every single day. Creating a strategy that defines how you converse with consumers (who are arguably people that make your brand possible in the first place) is a worthy endeavor. And it starts with clear thinking and good writing.

We call it consulting, but you won’t find any ocean-boiling or needle-moving here. Our verbal expertise are here to help you identify and use your unique tone of voice, perfectly articulate the point of your new product, and uncover the story you want to tell — no jargon required.

What we do



Tone of voice

Otherwise known as brand voice, brand language, or verbal identity, your tone of voice is the distinctive and consistent personality of your brand in its written and spoken language.



A clear messaging strategy defines the main ideas you talk about as a brand. It can shape your reputation, shift perceptions and help your team share a consistent story across channels and audiences.


Positioning statements

They’re short, but highly strategic. Done well, they pithily express how your brand, product, service or team fills a need in the world – and why people should care.


Concepts and claims

If you’re in FMCG, you’ll know all about these. Like positioning statements, they pack a lot of strategy into just a few words. And the best pack a punch of inventiveness, too.


Insights and measurement

In-depth assessments of your content that let us diagnose your writing right now, identify best practices for the future, and measure the impact on your business.


Guidelines and toolkits

These give your team the practical tools to write on tone, on message, or on an entirely new level. And if you have existing guidelines that aren’t quite clicking with your team, we can help with that too.

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