Fast moving consumer goods

How many words are there for ‘shiny’?

Find words that clear shelves and fill baskets

Turning a product feature into a compelling benefit is one thing. Wording it in a way that reflects your brand voice, stands out from the other bottles on the shelf and keeps compliance happy is another.

We work with FMCG clients like Unilever, Danone and PepsiCo to train their teams, name their next bestsellers and make their product copy as glossy silky shiny as the pack promised.

Four ways we can help FMCG



Concocting claims and pack copy

FMCG copywriting isn’t the dark art it’s made out to be. But it helps to know what makes for a claim that’s consumer friendly first, compliance proof second. And to be able to craft pack copy that fits briefs – and character counts – to the letter.


Workshopping concepts

When you’re working on your tenth set of product concepts in a quarter, how do you stop your thinking getting stale? We’ll design and co-run FMCG workshops with your teams, and polish up the outputs.


Finding a name that sticks

We’ve named baby formulas, energy drinks and online retail giants. We’ll find you a name that sums up your customer benefit, syncs with your brand voice – and doesn’t mean something inappropriate in Portuguese.


Honing your brand voice

A clear purpose, customer insight and plenty of reasons to believe are one thing. But a clear tone of voice will help tie all your marketing together – and make you stand out to consumers.

How we've helped