AI at The Writer

Talking to Machines

Resistance is futile. AI is here and it knows how to write (kind of).

Still, there are many things it can’t do: feel… dream… tell truth from fiction….

The letters stand for ‘artificial intelligence’, after all – not ‘authentic intelligence’.

But you can lean on our ‘augmented intelligence’: combining our brains with machines to find words that shift the world.

A problem shared is a problem halved.

How we can help you use generative AI tools



Train teams to prompt

In the Writer Academy session 'Talking to Machines' we share our tips and tricks for getting better results.


Train AI tools in a tone of voice

We can feed best-practice examples to a tool that can learn, like Chat GPT or Gemini.


Develop prompt libraries

We can compose requests that the business can copy and paste into an AI to get writing that’s on tone.


Review AI-generated text

We can save you time and check the output against the brand’s ideal style.

Artificial intelligence is best paired with human intelligence, creativity, curiosity and craft.

— Charli Nordone, CEO at The Writer

How we can help with chatbots and AI assistants



Create personas

We can develop a personality for the chatbot that reflects your brand (we can even name it!)


Write conversational flows

We can prepare text for the chatbot to use with customers (that won't leave you in hot water.)


Make writing guides

We can share techniques with you to help write more text for your chatbot.


Train chatbot teams to write

We can share advice and run trainingto hone the skills of writers within a business.

Why you need to get onboard now



of marketers surveyed in Instapage's State of AI Marketing reported using AI to save at least 3 hours a day at work.

Fodder for your brain

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