Talking to Machines

The art of writing effective prompts for generative AI tools (like Chat GPT) is already becoming an essential life skill, in the same bracket as texting, web browsing and touch typing.

People who dismiss AI or fail to understand the simple equation 'your answers are only as good as your input' will be left at a disadvantage, not just at work but in their personal lives too. So it pays to start learning the tricks and techniques now.

What it covers

In the workshop we give you five main prompt-writing tips:

  • Always use a question and/or action
  • Order matters
  • Fact checking is essential
  • Be direct
  • Always edit, polish and verify

And we’ll get everyone putting these tips into practice, right from the start.

Who it’s for

Everyone – because we can all benefit from knowing how to collaborate with generative AI.

We can run Talking to Machines as a standard 60-minute off-the-shelf session or a 90-minute tailored session for your brand, complete with examples from your team to really make our tips land.

How many people can join

Virtually: up to 20.
In person: up to 12

Want to know more about AI at The Writer? 

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