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Shift your language, shift your culture

Our colleagues don’t deserve the dregs of our writing skills. From the job post to the farewell email, how we write inside our walls matters – particularly since what happens at work doesn’t always stay there. Messages, speeches, and policies are where consistent brand language begins. And when they stick to the same standards as external comms? That’s less workday stress for everyone.

Four ways we can help




We’ll help you define the strategy that makes your internal teams tick. Think employee value propositions, internal messaging approaches, values, and more – all expressed in a simple, inspirational way.


Internal comms

Need help with a CEO speech on a sensitive topic? A handbook that doesn’t lead to a hundred emails to HR? A presentation to announce a strategy shift? We can help you write your internal comms in a way that makes people click, read, listen – and actually do what you need them to.



We can train your teams to be more effective writers. So, whether they write HR policies, send out all-staff updates, or represent the voice of the CEO, they’re able to say more with less. Because no one’s ever said, “Ugh, that email from leadership was way too clear and concise.”



Once you’ve changed the way you write internally, we’ll help you track any shifts in employee satisfaction, readability, time savings and more. We can also review and measure your internal comms to identify any areas that need more work.


The number of HR professionals we trained in five cities and two countries.


The cut in recruitment drop-out rate.


The increase of people signing up to a flagship benefit portal.

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