Customer experience

Your words are your customer experience

Ignored emails. Unclicked links. Confused calls. Chatbots languishing, unloved. They all waste money and damage your CSAT. And they all have a simple fix: make your words more efficient and empathetic. Consistently. So your customers do what you ask (first time), enjoy hearing from you, and keep coming back for more.

Four steps to CX success



Find your weakest words

You know the ones. The onboarding email that launches a thousand calls. Or the Important Information that nobody reads. Find the underperforming comms and you’ll find badly written copy. And the best place to start rewriting.


Decide what to shift

From increasing click-throughs to reducing complaint handling time, words make a measurable difference. So gather the data. Then go forth and measure the impact your words have on behaviours, perceptions and the bottom line.


Re(write) and repeat

We can write or rewrite copy big and small: emails and error messages, call centre scripts and Ts&Cs. So you’ll sound consistent, even in those neglected corners that can let your CX down.


Make good writing a habit

We train customer comms teams to be more clear and concise, while writing copy that customers want to read. And we give them ongoing support to make better writing second nature.

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