Financial services

Compliance and brand can be friends

Financial services copywriting is tricky to get right. It can seem like brand and marketing want one thing – and the regulator another.

But it is possible to make interest rates interesting. To use data in a way that’s easy to decipher. And to have a distinctive brand voice that doesn’t undercut your expertise

Four ways we can help



Tone of voice

We’ve created voices for global financial services brands like American Express, HSBC and Franklin Templeton. Inject a years-old brand voice with more pizzazz, create a library of examples to show people how it’s done – and train your teams


Report writing training

“It used to take me a bottle of wine to get through one of your reports. Now I can do it in a glass.” The words of a client’s client after we helped make their reports digestible and readable. We can train your internal audit, compliance and risk teams to turn doorstops into page-turners.


Financial services copywriting

Hundreds of customer letters? Stacks of policies? Strings of UX copy? Tell us what’s on your writing to do list – however epic the scale – and we’ll make the copy shorter, sharper and in tune with your tone of voice.



Getting your messaging house in order can help make sure all your financial services comms feel on-message and on-tone. We can run messaging workshops with your teams to get knowledge out of people’s heads, and on to the page.

1.4 million

The money we helped save HSBC by rewriting their customer communications

This whole process has made us realise that most of our people have been dying to be more human in their communications. Now they have the permission – and the guidance – to do it.

— Kevin Knighten, Global Brand Director at Franklin Templeton