Tech and Telcos

There’s no such thing as boring content.

Just boring ways to talk about it.

Reports no one reads. Presentations that put people to sleep. Numbers that don’t add up for audiences. These writerly woes are particularly prevalent in the worlds of tech and telcos. But they don’t have to be.

We can refresh how you think about data. Put the kibosh on clichéd language. And give you the tools to make complex content click. (Even if you have trouble explaining what you do at a cocktail party.)

Four ways we can help



Naming the next big thing

Products, service wraps, internal initiatives, platforms – you name it, we've, um, named it. Google once called us their ‘secret weapon’ when it comes to naming. Pick our brains for one-off names, or entire strategies.


Sharpening your UX writing

Is your product copy making life as easy as possible for your user? Applying nudge theory to guide them through a journey? Modelling your brand voice? Or is it just filling character counts? Find out how we can button up your UX copy.


Copywriting for tech and telcos

Ghostwritten articles that polish the thoughts of your subject matter experts. Messaging guides for a new product launch or handling complaints. It is possible to write content that finds the clarity in complex topics for your audiences.


Pinning down your brand voice

Put the peppy fintech-speak to one side for a second: how do you find a voice that genuinely sounds like you? We’ve created brand voices for the likes of Cisco, BT and O2 – and helped them adapt those voices to every corner of the organisation.


Of people we trained in BT’s tone of voice told us the training had made a lasting difference to their writing


The boost in clickthroughs on a section of Cisco’s website when we rewrote it in their new tone of voice.

We couldn’t believe how much was covered in 45 minutes. We don’t want to wait two weeks for the next session.

— Virtual trainee, Communications manager at Cisco