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Case study: BT

The day nudge theory met Lord Kitchener

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What happens when you look at propaganda through the lens of behavioural science? We found out when we took BT on a field trip to the National Army Museum.​

Like many of our clients, BT have a network of tone of voice champs – people from across the business who care about language, and act as for ambassadors for their brand voice. Every year, we spend a day with BT’s champs to teach them something new about writing. ​

This time, we looked at behavioural science: the biases and effects that shape how we make decisions – and ways we can frame decisions to persuade people to make a particular choice. ​

The powers of persuasion

While we’re not exactly proponents of propaganda, there’s something to be said for its power to persuade. And so we set the champs off on a ‘nudge hunt’ around the museum, looking for examples of behavioural science at work in propaganda posters. ​

Then we brought it back to their writing at BT, exploring ways the team could use nudge theory in their day-to-day messages – like persuading people to fill in an employee survey, or come to a training session. ​

From the feedback, we’re hoping they’ll use their newfound powers for good.​

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