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Case study: O2

Consistent copy across every phone screen

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When O2 launched one of their last branded mobile phones, they wanted to make sure everything their customers read sounded like O2. ​

No screen left unturned

We worked on the UI copy for every single screen on the phone. It took painstaking project management to keep track of hundreds of pieces of copy (not to mention version control), and make sure everything was delivered on spec and on time. ​​

We had a full-time project manager on the case, meticulously manoeuvring all the moving parts. Add to that our rigorous ‘second braining’, which meant we could assign a whole team of writers and still keep the quality consistent.​

Putting customers first

Once everything was written, we tested it with O2 customers, to make sure that not only was it on tone, but that it worked for them. One of the findings showed that our error message rewrite of ‘something’s gone wrong’ was too vague, and made them more worried than when an ‘Error 123’ message popped up, so we were able to use this to adapt the messaging throughout the product.

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