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Case study: O2

O2 name or not O2 name?

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That was the question mobile network O2 was faced with time and time again. With new products, tariffs, services and initiatives coming out constantly, the brand team was inundated with requests for names. But did all of those things really need ‘creative’ names? When was it okay to just describe something? What should an O2 name sound like? And did everything really need ‘O2’ in front?​

More method, less madness

We gave O2 a naming system and guidelines to help them make those all-important naming decisions. This included:​

  • A debate-stopping argument for not naming everything​
  • A decision tree (in the literal sense of the word!) that answered the question ‘Does it need a name?’​
  • Five simple principles to help them name things the O2 way​
  • A five-step process to get them from brief to trademark​

All systems go

We’ve been naming things for them ever since, from tariffs like ‘Pay & Go Go Go’, to ‘Up at The O2‘ – where tourists get to climb the domed roof of The O2, the UK’s second-largest live venue. (Having scaled it ourselves, we can vouch for the vast views of London!)​

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