Talking to machines

Chief Creative Officer
Account Manager

AI tools like Chat-GPT are here to stay. They might be your sounding board, your research partner, your editor, travel agent, personal assistant, party planner. And that list will only keep growing. Which means learning how to talk to AI – and by extension, learning how AI thinks – is a skill we should all pick up now, so we can venture into the future of AI with confidence.

In this webinar recording you’ll learn:

  • how to craft different types of prompts for AI, including when to use them and why
  • which prompt style is best for specific writing such as emails, blogs, and social posts
  • how to get accurate, fact-checked responses that you can polish into shining gems

Learning the language of AI is the kind of work-life-skill that will get your next newsletter halfway done in thirty seconds. And building good habits early on means better results from the start. If it helps you negotiate in the event of a machine uprising, we’ll consider that an added bonus.