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Carbon copy: what writers can learn from the language of climate emergency

In November 2022, the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt will host COP27. On the agenda? Getting past negotiations and taking action. No doubt participants (and spectators) remember how COP26 stalled and overran as governments picked apart the difference between phasing out and phasing down.


And you’re back in the room: the return of face-to-face training

I write this from under the blast of aggressive air con in a co-working space in Singapore, looking out at a line of skyscrapers that curtain off the bay. That’s not a flex

Diversity and Inclusion

What’s the hidden link between mental health and language?

92% of companies know they need to be doing more to support their people’s mental health. One way to do that is to pay attention to your words in the workplace. And to use language – writing in particular – to boost wellbeing while you’re at it. Here’s how…

Writing tips

Leave the power tools behind: how do you write inclusively about Father’s Day?

It’s not just another event on the content calendar. It’s a chance to show readers that your brand is socially conscious and authentic. Here's how.

Writing tips

Fighting talk: how words can help you win the great talent scrap

It’s happy days for job candidates. Unemployment levels in the UK and US are at record lows. Over two-thirds of businesses globally are facing a talent shortage. Almost half are intending to increase advertising for their job vacancies. The pickings are rich.