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Aug 15, 2022

The clock’s ticking for banks to bin bad writing

The FCA’s new Consumer Duty is a sharp wake-up call for financial services companies. By April 2023, banks’ writing must be clear and simple – ‘rather than burying key information in lengthy terms and conditions that few have time to read’. Are your comms ready?

Mar 28, 2022

Inclusive language for insurers

Two ways the insurance industry has caused offence through its writing. And what you can do about it.


Dec 14, 2021

Lessons from a ghostwriter: how to write in someone else’s voice

Sound like a business, a brand, even a celebrity. Get the tricks of the trade from Becky Howard, a brand language expert and bestselling ghostwriter.

Consulting Brand & marketing

Nov 11, 2021

Create a purpose that’s going somewhere

In our first Thinking Out Loud event, we had Scott McInnes and Charli Nordone in conversation, finding their common ground on cultural change. You can watch the event or spend 4.8 mins reading the best bits here.

Consulting HR & internal comms

Nov 23, 2020

Putting your tone to the test

What makes for a good tone of voice, anyway? We think there are four tests a solid tone of voice should pass. Read our guide to see how well yours does – and get plenty of advice on how to build, improve and roll out your tone.


Jun 02, 2020

Training virtually: there’s no ‘new normal’ about it

Yes, the experience is 2D and it’s not exactly the same as being in a room with people. But, can it give people valuable skills, a boost in confidence and bring people together? Yes. And it brings a few more benefits.

Training Learning & development

May 11, 2019

UK report: Is tone of voice worth it?

We commissioned this research to get an independent view. There were findings we expected, and a few surprises along the way, too. Most importantly, there are plenty of clues as to how to make sure a tone of voice programme pays off in the long run.


Apr 04, 2019

Why your new ad campaign shouldn’t set your tone

A client recently asked us for a new tone of voice. Thing is, they’d asked us to do the same thing the year before. And the year before. The reason? Every time they launched a new brand campaign, they wanted to change their voice to match.


Latest from the press

Banks have eight months to bin bad writing

With new guidance on comms from the FCA, and a recession looming, the days of firms being able to hide behind waffle and jargon are over, writes Katie Comery, Associate Creative Director at The Writer.

Read on

How business-speak is the enemy of inclusivity

Rightly we’re all thinking about inclusive language. Just make sure you don’t miss out on an enemy of inclusivity that has long been lurking in business writing: jargon and business-speak.

Read in Wearethecity

Three ways to write more inclusively

Words are powerful. They can excite, engage, entertain, inform, persuade. But they can just as easily shut people out. That’s where the idea of inclusive language comes in – avoiding words or phrases that can offend or ignore parts of your audience. And instead, writing for an audience of everyone.

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The power of storytelling

Our Group Creative Director, Charli Nordone, sat down with Creative Pool to talk storytelling, Simon Sinek and spotty dachshunds.

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Five minutes with Charli Nordone

'Brands are doing some soul searching.' Charli spoke to Transform Magazine on how Covid's affected the way brands communicate, and why tone of voice is more important than ever.

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Why Customers Want More From Your Words In 2021

Since this time last year, Very Sincere Brand Messages have been flooding our inboxes. And the sheer volume of comms we're getting has made us, as readers, expect more from the words businesses are using than ever. So how do you make sure your writing stands up to scrutiny?

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Why your bots and customers are clashing - and how to solve it

Chatbots and voice assistants have come a long way in the last few years, but done badly, they can still really wind your customers up. Here's how to master the art of a good conversation.

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The soulless language of customer experience

Customer experience, the discipline that wants to put emotion and how people really feel at the heart of business, is terrible at communicating. Our Harry’s pulling no punches in Engage Customer.

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