How tone can inprove cx

Better writing equals better customer experience

Better writing doesn’t just help you connect. It makes and saves you money – because it makes you more efficient. It sharpens up your processes and makes your communications more effective, which your customers will love you for. And our long list of happy clients is the proof.

They all have slightly different metrics they’d like to boost. But they recognise that by improving their writing, they’ll see their metrics improve too.

For example, we’ve measurably:

* boosted sales

* cut customer complaints

* improved response rates

* increased NPS scores

* changed customer perception

* gotten ‘unheard of’ engagement on social media.

All through using language better. It’s why we always say: every word is an opportunity.

Don’t limit what your language can do

It frequently gets pigeon-holed as the fluffy bit of customer experience. That is, if it gets considered at all. Even switched-on CX people often think language can’t really do any of the heavy lifting, or that words alone won’t make people buy more, or complain less, or stay loyal.

Rather, they tend to see writing as a brand tool to do buzzword things like drive emotional engagement. And of course it can do that: if your words are more human, interesting, exciting or unexpected then they’ll connect more with your audience.

But as we’ve seen, it can also do much more.

Writing better isn’t as hard as you think

The good news is that changing the way you use language is a relatively quick, cheap and easy thing to do. Certainly compared with the other traditional challenges CX people face, like big digital transformation, or changing culture to break down internal silos.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be doing those things. But it does mean that if you’re not thinking really seriously about the language of your customer experience, then you’re missing a great big open goal.

Investing a bit of effort into improving how you write always gets results. Keen for more examples? Check out our case studies for specifics.

Are you thinking your CX could do with a change? Get in touch to find out how we can help.

0 min read, posted in Customer Experience, by The Writer, on 14 Oct 2021