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One workshop can turn people on to new ideas, build their confidence and give them a new set of skills. But the best learning doesn’t happen in one hit.

How we support the learning 

We can create takeaways: resources like quick guides, checklists and scorecards, that people can use on their own time. 

We offer drop-in clinics with our writer/trainers. People submit writing examples, then we offer advice, along with live rewrites and edits. We have hundreds of people dialling in to those sessions, just to listen in to the advice.  

Our skills burst sessions are short (30 mins), snappy and super-focused: in these breaktime-shaped sessions, we focus on one topic and will generally cover three big ideas. We’ve run skills bursts on the basics, like:

  • writing more like you speak 
  • getting to the point, fast
  • making text heavy messages easier to digest.

And more specific topics, like: 

  • dealing with difficult messages 
  • changing opinion 
  • writing killer headlines.

Designing a curriculum just for you 

Our best recommendations come from getting to know you, what you write and how you’d like to improve. But the below will give you an idea of the sorts of combinations we might create.  

Writing that connects with your audience 

We’d recommend: 

Writing weighty reports that not only get read, but acted on 

We’d recommend: 

Measuring the impact 

We want to give you a good ROI. And there are lots of metrics that we can help you measure, off the back of the training, and follow-up support.  

Working with you to find the magic number 

We can look at the basics of: 

  • reducing reading time  
  • improving navigability  
  • increasing readability. 

All of which saves you time and money.  

We measure those with a reading time calculator, readability checker and our scorecard for navigability.  

We can suggest more specific measures, like:  

  • reducing calls into contact centres 
  • reducing the number of interactions to resolution in customer comms 
  • improving employee engagement 
  • increasing the take-up of specific schemes, initiatives or company benefits 
  • increasing the win rate for bids and proposals. 

It all starts with our first conversation, where we’ll talk about the best way to prove the impact of what we do.

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