Advent calendar

Welcome to our advent calendar. We’ll be posting a new video every day, looking at the wordy side of the festive season. You can catch up on any videos you missed below.

It's the last of the advent calendar videos, and we're singing along to our own version of The twelve days of Christmas. If you'd like to join in, the lyrics are here.

Here are a few more of our favourite bad cracker jokes. Can you work out the punchlines?

It’s story time. Here’s Swidz reading from How the Grinch stole Christmas by Dr Seuss.

We’ve disguised a popular Christmas song in buzzwords and corporate jargon. Can you suss out what it is?

We're raising a glass to Jack Daniels, who've got their 'drinking responsibly' message spot on. Here's Theo with a little more about why we like it so.

Corporate George reads from his Christmas wish list.

We’re taking a look at three ways brands have done Christmas writing this year. And we’ve even blogged about it too.

Children’s toys can often be let down by terrifying safety warnings, but Ted the activity monkey has got it spot on. And here’s our Neil in Marketing magazine explaining why you shouldn’t forget the little bits of writing.

It’s guess the chef round two. Can you tell who this well-known chef is from their turkey-cooking instructions?

It’s poetry time. Here’s Alex reading from Wendy Cope’s A Christmas Poem.

Here are a few of our favourite bad cracker jokes. Can you guess the punchlines?
And if you want to find out a bit more about the psychology behind the terrible jokes, have a gander at Bee’s blog.

We’re in our finest for Christmas Jumper Day.

We’re starting to get pretty excited about our Christmas day out.

We’ve been checking out how instructions on lighting a Christmas pudding fare in our readability checker.

For some of us it doesn’t start to feel like Christmas until we see certain adverts or things in the shops. Here’s our homage to the brands that herald the beginning of the festive season.

Can you guess who this well-known chef is from their instructions on how to cook a turkey?

We picked some of our favourite Christmas stories. Here’s Sarah-Jayne reading from Crumpet the Elf.

It’s the little things that make all the difference. Check your nooks and crannies to make sure your language isn’t letting you down.

When you’re trying to explain how to do something difficult, it’s best to use everyday language.


We reckon Royal Mail have got the tone of their Christmas delivery timings spot on.


We’ve spotted some unexpected words on our cracker box. Just because you need to write something serious, doesn’t mean you have to lose the festive feeling.


Weve disguised a popular Christmas song in buzzwords and corporate jargon. Can you suss out what it is?

If you’re stumped, the answer’s here.


What do you write in your Christmas cards? Are you a ‘Season’s greetings’ person, or do you go all out with a yarn from the past year?


To kick things off, here’s a selection of some of our favourite Christmas words.


Via the magic of Instagram: The Writer brings you the #Wordsmas advent calendar.