Orwell, Boris and ideation

Our Neil was speaking at The Economist's The Big Rethink Conference this afternoon. The consensus...

@Armo: Neil Taylor of @thewriter speaker of the day so far. #bigrethink inspirational stuff.

@jcredland: @thewriter brilliant talk at #bigrethink - let's scrap ideation once and for all!

@pitch_design: Neil Taylor, The Writer, says brands hide behind meaningless language #bigrethink is your copy clear?

@brokenbottleboy: Boris is "a fantastic linguistic case study" says Neil Taylor. Amazing. #bigrethink

@andycutler: Hurrah an entertaining and informative speaker most excellent #bigrethink

@brokenbottleboy: Neil Taylor from The Writer is the best speaker of the day so far. Really inspiring and funny #bigrethink

@SAtweeting #bigrethink - @TheWriter says language choices can profoundly change behaviour and even how we think about issues - blog on this next week

@kiethv: Loved listening to Neil Taylor from The Writer at #bigrethink

The boy done good. (And we'll have to take their word for it – we haven't heard it yet.)

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