Storytelling is powerful. So use it wisely.

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Stories are powerful. We’re all hard-wired to tell them, to crave them, to respond to them. (If you think that’s overstating things, think how many hours a day you spend reading news stories, or watching films or telly.) Over the last few years, the business world has fallen in love with the power of ‘storytelling’: to bring to life big strategies and abstract ideas; to help people connect with corporate visions and organisational changes. We’re all for it. We’ve helped brands tell their stories – from big corporate stories, to choose your own adventure Twitter stories, we’ve helped CEOs and leaders find and use powerful personal stories to inspire others. We run storytelling masterclasses. Our creative director Nick is a seasoned storyteller himself. And we tell just about everyone we meet to watch this brilliant clip of Kurt Vonnegut explaining the shape of stories.

But as any self-respecting writer will tell you, ‘storytelling’ is only one tool in their toolkit. And sometimes, it’s not the right one. Sometimes you just need to explain something clearly and logically. We’ve helped a fair few clients who’ve come to us after months spent crafting and polishing their ‘story’, only to find that it wasn’t what they needed after all.

So, if someone in your organisation is saying ‘let’s get some storytelling!’, call us. Yes, we can help you tell a ripping yarn if it’s what you need. But if it isn’t – well, we can help you work that out too.