Who are you calling copywriters?

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You’ve probably spotted by now that we keep talking about ‘writing’, when maybe you got here by Googling ‘copywriting’. It’s a bit perverse, we know, to avoid the words that people often use to describe what we do. But indulge us; there’s a little method in our madness.

Firstly, the word ‘copywriting’ is usually associated with advertising. And while we do our fair share of that, we do a lot more. When we’re writing a suite of letters to customers, or translating throat-strangling strategy into snappy speeches for CEOs, ‘copywriting’ just doesn’t seem to cover it.

Secondly, we get confused all the time for people who know about copyright. That’s a different thing entirely. So if you came here looking for that, sorry. Time to find an IP lawyer.

Finally, and yes, most pretentiously, the word ‘copywriting’ harks back to scribes mindlessly copying out screeds of text. And we want to be anything but mindless. As we write, we’re thinking. Honing. Occasionally agonising. Chewing through pencils with our word-weighing. It’s a skill; a craft. So we don’t think of ourselves as copywriters, but writers. That’s why we’re called The Writer, in fact.

But that’s just us. We know it’s a little thing. You can call us what you like.