Customer experience #FAIL

Last night, I came home after a long day to find this in my mailbox:

Those three words stopped me in my tracks. In the moment it took to open the envelope, my brain ricocheted between emotions. First came concern: had I forgotten to pay my Time Warner Cable bill? Then, sheer panic: WOULD THEY CUT OFF MY INTERNET? And finally, despair. Whatever it was, it was obviously going to add yet another chore to my growing list of ‘things to do before leaving for California in 24 hours’.

Then I read the letter.

The tone couldn't have been more different from the threatening words on the envelope.

A whole new range of emotions. First I was confused, then angry. I stopped reading by the third 'enjoy'.

To all the Time Warner Cables out there: next time you send out a letter, remember to push the envelope, too. Because it sets the tone for the whole experience.

0 min read, posted in Customer Experience, by Admin, on 21 Sep 2016