Here’s a tip

You’re in a restaurant. You see a sign that says...

A 10% discretionary charge will be added to your bill.

How do you feel? A bit miffed perhaps? What if you saw this instead?

Tipping: bad for cows, good for us.


Ninja lion killed family. Need money for kung fu lessons.

Or, this harsh but humorous one.

Every time you tip, a Justin Bieber fan dies.

I reckon you’d be more likely to give willingly. And you’re more likely to walk away with a positive impression of that business.

And it’s not just tipping. Whether it’s a CV, an email, a PowerPoint, whatever. Try having a personality in your writing. People will remember you. And they might just give you what you want.

0 min read, posted in Tone of voice, by Admin, on 30 Mar 2011