Introducing The Designer

We’ve gone and done it.

After a few years of flirting with it, we’ve hired ourselves a designer. Now, that’s a bit rum for a place that’s all about words, you might think.

Well, so did we, for a while. But of course, we work with designers all the time – our clients’ own design teams and design agencies – and we love it when words and pictures work handsomely together.

And a funny thing kept happening: clients kept asking us if we could recommend designers who could do justice to the hard work that goes into our words. So after a while, it became a bit of a no-brainer.

It’s an unusual kind of designer who wants to work at a place called The Writer, though. One who gets language, who thinks typography is where it’s at. And one with the clout to work with some big clients with superslick brands.

Introducing Léonie: The Designer.