Kudos to the narrator

Since The Apprentice started a few weeks ago, we've been tweeting live (@TheWriter) and writing a blog every Thursday. Our main beef is with the apprentices who think they have to use long words to sound businessy and clever. This is a massive contrast to Lord Sugar, who's a straight-talker (apart from last night: 'Why shouldn't I terminate your existence?').

So if you follow us on Twitter, you probably laughed at our 'Nick looks a bit like Boris Johnson' tweet. And the rant about how Azhar kept banging on about 'strategy' (there’s bound to be a video online by now). Other than that, I wasn't blown away by last night's episode. It was mediocre. Apart from the narrator.

Normally, he bridges one team's panic and faff with the other team’s panic and faff. And I tend to tune out. But last night, his alliteration made my ears prick up. ‘Locations locked down’ and ‘pretty penny’ were first up, followed by some loose rhymes: ‘smell what sells’ and ‘tins of tan’. Those linguistic treats jazzed up an otherwise mid-series lull. A timely reminder that borrowing a few poetic effects can make your writing more interesting and keep your reader engaged.

0 min read, posted in Writing tips, by Admin, on 3 May 2012