Play on words take four

So we're still trawling on with our 100 word plays. If you want to read more, scroll down and read our last three thingamablogs. There's also some on the Royal Court's website. If you've had a go at writing one, you can enter it on the same website. It might get stuck somewhere in the Royal Court building.

Today's play says a lot in just 100 words.

One empty cup

A couple in a coffee shop.

Man stirs his flat white. Woman stares at her empty hot chocolate.

Man smiles at Woman weakly.

Man: We used to come here all the time.

Woman: It’s gotten trendy. I hate trendy.

Man: I like it.


Do you want another?

Woman: No.


The last one burnt my tongue.

Man: Oh. You didn’t say.

Woman: It wouldn’t have changed anything.

Man: It might've helped.

Woman: It wouldn’t. You’d still be stirring your coffee into a whirlpool. Frowning but not saying what I need to hear. Staring at me. And my tongue would still be burnt.

0 min read, posted in Culture, by Admin, on 22 Mar 2012