Play on words take three

All this week we're trying our hand at 100 word plays. If you've missed why we're doing it, read this. Here's today's.

The opposite of bothered

Max rings the doorbell. Ava opens the door.

Ava: Max, where’s your key?

Max: Hey. Look, I think we should split up or something.

Ava stares at the mole on his forehead for about a minute.

Max: It’s just that I don’t think you really listen to what I say. Ever.

Ava stares at the hair sprouting out the mole for another minute.

Ava: I know where your key is. It’s on the side. You left it on the side, with a note.

Max: Yeah. Did you read it?

Ava: No. What did it say?

Max: Well, it said I’m leaving.

0 min read, posted in Culture, by Admin, on 21 Mar 2012