Presidential words

It’s official. Obama won.

You’ve probably already seen the two speeches. But here are the transcripts and some of our thoughts.


I thought Obama’s was brilliant. It was full of storytelling (seventeen little stories by my count), pronouns and personality. He mixed up the pace, he used words with oomph, and he gave little insights into his life and his world.

He made the listener feel empowered and like they were very much part of this journey.


I thought Romney’s left a little to be desired. He barely mentioned his voters (even though it was a very close race). He didn’t feel entirely sincere when he talked about Obama, and although he came so close to storytelling, he never quite got there. So as a listener, I felt completely separated from him.

He did have some good moments – I really liked his humbling honesty about how much he wanted the results to have turned out differently. But by that point, it was too little too late.

What do you think?

0 min read, posted in Writing tips, by Admin, on 7 Nov 2012