Raising a glass to clever brands

For a lot of us, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a champagne breakfast, a glass of after-dinner port or a selection of spirits in the evening. So it’s a busy time of year for the beverage brands.

I spotted a Jack Daniel’s poster on the tube that said ‘Celebrate joyfully. Drink responsibly’, instead of just ‘please drink responsibly’ or adding the drinkaware.co.uk logo. Jack Daniels have loads of variations of this important and obligatory message, and each one fits with their campaign.

‘Drink responsibly, it’s a tradition.’

‘Play with heart. Drink with care.’

Hats off to them. They’ve proved that you don’t have to dilute your tone of voice when it comes to the serious stuff. And you don’t have to start a war between your creative agency and legal team.

They’re not the only ones at it. Here are a couple more of our favourites:

‘Here’s a toast to knowing your limits. Please sip responsibly.’
Grey Goose

‘Enjoy your night, take it easy.’

0 min read, posted in Tone of voice, by Admin, on 20 Dec 2013