Shape up your words for 2015

We’ve made some headway into the New Year, and it’s early enough that most of us are still sticking to our resolutions. Maybe, like us, you’ve even been to the gym for the first time in months.

But what about shaping up your words?

How about making 2015 the year you give your words a workout? You could revamp your LinkedIn profile by injecting it with some energy. Get rid of the flab in over-complicated emails so nothing gets lost in translation. Or just generally get your writing into fighting-fit shape.

We can help.

To get you off on the right foot, we’re tweeting wordy wisdom throughout January with #WriteWell2015. To round the month off, we’re running a live twitter Q&A on Friday 30th January from 2.30pm to 3.30pm. And to flex your writing muscles, we’ve got our academy courses going on all year. So you can sign yourself up for workouts on any problem areas.

Like a milder-mannered personal trainer, we’ll be there to cheer you on while you get your words working harder.

0 min read, posted in Writing tips, by Admin, on 7 Jan 2015