Shocking behaviour

In a city like ours, there’s always someone from the office out doing something fun, quirky, interesting, different. And there’s always someone (or a few of us) wishing they’d known about it too.

So Culture Shock was born.

It’s our way of getting out and doing, seeing, exploring things we normally might not. To give you a taster of what we’ve been up to already, we’ve popped over to the British Library’s Evolving English exhibition, been to a spoken word event and seen our Nick Parker do a reading of his short stories.

It’s not all about adventuring around town either. You might’ve read about our lunchtime Bananagrams sesh. That was part of Culture Shock too.

As it picks up steam, we’ll get some reviews and stories up. If you’ve been somewhere interesting, thought-provoking, or seen somewhere you think we’d like to go, drop a comment below or tweet us. And we’ll let you know what we’re up to.

It doesn’t have to be word-nerdy at all. We just want to know what we’re missing out on so we don’t miss out next time.

0 min read, posted in Culture, by Admin, on 16 Jun 2011