Six word horrors

Last month we asked our Twitter followers to tell us their favourite 19th century novels, but in six words. This month we’ve turned to horror movies. And here are some of the results:


Michael Myers. And not Austin Powers (Halloween) Aliens. Inevitable twist. Water. Keep swinging. (Signs) Nothing's happening. Nothing's happening. Nothing happened. (Blair Witch Project)


Shower scene. Reiii! Reiiii! Reiii! Reiiii! (Psycho)


That Damien, he's a wrong 'un. (Damien: The Omen II)


Monster destroys NYC. Captured on camcorder. (Cloverfield)


Twigs in patterns. Zip up tent. (Blair Witch Project) Shaky bed. Spinny head. Something's up. (The Exorcist)


One man. One chainsaw. Two faces. (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)


Girls in a hole. With goblins?! (The Descent)


Policeman burnt by May Day celebrations. (The Wicker Man) Pooch bites US travellers in Blighty. (An American Werewolf in London)


Candyman! Candyman! Candyman! Candyman! Candyman! Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgghuuer (Candyman)


Many flapping wings, in their faces. (The Birds)


Pianist embroiled in oedipal spree killings. (Profondo Rosso) Virgin policeman sacrificed for fruit harvest. (The Wicker Man) Devil rape. Pixie crop. Tannis root. (Rosemary's Baby) Intergalactic monster interrupts dinner, android revolts. (Alien) Snowbound writer's block creates family rift. (The Shining)


Don't sleep. Freddy's coming for you. (Nightmare on Elm Street) Slow walkers. Brain hunger. Car breakdown. (Definitely something with zombies.) Close ups. Snot. Sticks. Stones. Unexplained. (Blair Witch Project) Twisted doll, not Barbie. Runs amok. (Child’s Play)


Girl in bed. Priest. Holy shit! (The Exorcist)


You're back? But you were dead. (Return of the Living Dead)


Menopausal Sangria breakdown. Pierce Brosnan "sings". (Mamma Mia!)

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